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My respect! My name is Kyiv. What's your name? Hold on! Don't answer! Let's become acquainted when you come.

Did you know that most of the humans are visuals? If seeing is believing, then I'll gladly tell you about my favourite places from which it is best to admire my beauty. And you, at the first opportunity, follow my advice! You won't regret it!

The talented German architect Johann Gottfried Schaedel used to improve my appearance. I'm pleased with his architectural improvements, but I 'would like to draw your attention to two bell towers, they could hardly have erected without his participation.

The bell tower of Uspenski sobor in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra was built in 1745. About five million bricks of various shapes and sizes, made under the direct supervision of the architect at the Lavra brick factories, were used in the construction. The height of the bell tower is almost a hundred metres, to be precise – 96, 52 m. You may ask why I say all this. What I mean to say that this is one of the tallest structures in my possession. And now the most interesting thing! You can climb up the bell tower and admire the ancient Pechersk, as well as an incomparable landscape of the left bank from the last tier. Oh, looking down at the city from the Lavra bell tower, more than one heart ponds with emotions.

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The bell tower of Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv was reconstructed by Schaedel in 1748 and took its place of honour in the ensemble of the cathedral. It is a bit lower than that in Lavra. Its height is only 76 metres. But what you are going to see from its tiers will kill you in the very heart with its beauty: St. Sophia Square and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery and the adjacent square, as well as the blueness of the sky – the Kyiv sky. And on the second tier, St. Sophia Kyivska prepared a reward for all the curious – the largest of the surviving ancient bronze bells in Ukraine. This bell is named Mazepa. It weighs thirteen tons. I have not heard its thunderous chime for ages. However, it is sure to share a lot with an appreciative audience. If you would like to learn more about the buildings of the times of Kyivan Rus, feel free to go to the section "I am a historian".


St. Sophia Cathedral

24 Vladimirskaya St

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And if you want to enjoy my beautiful views, so to speak, in dynamics, then here's a scenic route. In Velyka Zhytomyrska Street, between houses 38 and 34, you will see the 'portkey' to transport you to an incredible, remarkable place – Peizazhna Alley. The alley was laid out in the 80s of the 20th century at the site of the defensive ramparts of the ancient Upper Town. Everything flows, everything changes, and now military buildings have been replaced by recreation facilities for adults and children. I'm incredibly happy about that. One of the talented sculptors, by the way, a contemporary, Kostiantyn Skrytutskyi, has embodied the incredible atmosphere of Alice's Wonderland with outlandish sculptures.


Landscape Alley

Peyzazhna alley

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Walking along the alley, you can admire both modern art monuments and the beauty of the hills and the Honchari-Kozhumiaky tract. Do you know the tale about Mykyta Kozhumiak? So, everything that it describes took place in this area.

Heading further to the Starokyivska mountain, from where my story began – the history of the city of Kyiv. Here, in the 10th century, the first stone church was erected – the Church of the Tithe. You can learn about the mystical properties of lindens, growing here in "I am a mystic" section.

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After exploring the area, go down the stairs and find yourself on the mysterious alley of lovers. If you are interested in hearing about my romantic corners, then visit the section "I am a romantic".

Having followed the mysterious and romantic path, you will find yourself near the arch, go head through it. You are on Andriyivskyi Descent.

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Right around the corner, there is a famous Kyiv restaurant "Chasing After Two Hares", you are interested in the topic of gastronomy, then visit "I am a gourmet" section.

Crossing the Descent, you will find yourself in the alley of artists. Here any severe critic won't stay indifferent to the variety of colours, forms, subjects and styles offered by local artists. Walking along my slopes, you will see the picturesque view. You can take great photos, walking to my new glass pedestrian bridge.


Pedestrian Bridge

Embankment Hwy

The view from there is merely incredible. I can talk non-stop about my scenic splendours. Without prevarication or delays come and see everything with your own eyes. I am sure, you are going to find your nook, from where the view is the best.

See you soon, Your Kyiv.

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