I am a Party-Goer

I am a Party-Goer

Good evening! My name is Kyiv. The red sun is setting over the slopes above the mighty Dnieper and night falls on the city like a silk shroud. All historical monuments have fallen asleep, all research and archaeological expeditions have been fast asleep. The nightlife of the ancient city is about to start.

Of course, about one hundred and fifty or two hundred years ago, the words party, club and festivities, familiar to us today, did not have the same meaning. For example, in the early 19th century, parties were predominantly religious, and since the advent of universities, they began to be predominantly secular. Only the intelligentsia gathered at such events, recited poems to the accompaniment of a piano. As for the clubs, the first one opened in 1838 and was called the Gentry Club. Members of the gentry would amuse themselves playing cards and playing billiards exclusively. In the years since, at the beginning of the 20th century, special interest clubs were set up – a hunting club, a sports club, a club for house owner's, an officer's club and others.

How did the people of Kyiv and the city guests have fun in days past? Important persons gave balls and there were the few to attend. There were also café chantants, where singers, singers of satirical songs, dancers and other artists walked the boards. The public went to the circuses, the theatres and the cinemas that had just started opening.

As time went on, the true culture of the world's raves came to my shores. In the late 90s of the 20th century, night clubs, well-known beyond the city and the country opened. World-famous DJs played their sets there. Over time, nightlife located into clubs gradually transformed into multi-day festivals.

Nowadays, I am proud to host significant events like Atlas Weekend. It is one of the largest music festivals in Ukraine and Eastern Europe; true fans of high-quality modern music visit it. The festival has been taking place every year in the first half of June since 2015. The other event, attracting music lovers, is UPark – an international music festival that takes place in early summer starting from 2016. The headliners of this celebration of music have been world-renowned bands such as RHCP, The Kills, Hurst and many others. Also, in the summer, Kurazh Bazar is held – a mega flea market, where you can not only buy vintage objects but also visit food courts and evening performances of outstanding DJs. Posed enough, you can attend the Ulichnaya Eda festival. I told you about it in "I am a gourmet" section, and stay there for all "White Nights" – it is the festival part in charge of the main raves in the capital.

But not by parties and raves alone ...

the Old Car Land festival has been attracting connoisseurs of retro cars since 2014. In May or early August, about a hundred cars (up to 1984) - American, Soviet, European, come to visit me to compete. They are fighting for the right to be called the best in the following nominations: the oldest car, the best tuning, and others. Well, and what a festive, without a demonstration drive.

The first car drove along my streets in 1885. It roughly coincided with an important event – the Lumiere brothers presented cinema to the world. Unfortunately, my citizens fell in love with this art form in 1911. Since then, a great many people around the world, in general, and Kyivan, in particular, have been passionately in love with cinema. If you are one of them, then visit me in the last 10 days of October and attend one of the oldest of my festivals. Molodist Kyiv Film Festival has been held since 1970; is the only Ukrainian film festival that is on the International Federation of Film Producers' Associations (FIAPF) list. For many years this festival has been introducing up-and-comers to the world in the movie industry.

I actually love entertaining and holding events to every taste. And finally, I'll tell you about my favourite period of the whole year – the last weekend of May. Just imagine, chestnuts are in blossom, the Dnieper wave hits, and the whole city turns into an integrated space for the celebration of Kyiv Day. The programme includes a lot of entertainment, free of charge excursions, concerts in different parts of the city, fairs and vernissages, as well as festive fireworks, are on the programme.

Choose reasons and time to visit me!

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


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