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Flight connection

Kyiv has two international airports. The first is Boryspil Airport, which is the largest in Ukraine and has transcontinental status. More than 40 national and foreign airlines carry out passenger and cargo transportation from Boryspil on more than 70 regular routes around the world. The airport serves more than 15 million passengers annually. It has four terminals, although only two are actively operated - "D" and "F".

Despite the fact that the airport is located 29 km from Kyiv, you can get to it quickly and conveniently using public transport.

You can take one of the SkyBus, which runs between South Railway Station and the terminals. The bus runs around the clock with a regularity of 15 minutes during a day and 45 minutes at night. A ticket that costs 50 UAH, which is less than 2 $, can be purchased on the website, at the station box office, or from the driver. You can also get to the airport by a special train "Kyiv-Boryspil Express", which can be boarded at the Central or Darnytsia railway station. The road by train or bus will take 40-50 minutes.

Kyiv Airport named after I. Sikorskyi is the second largest international passenger airport in Ukraine. It is only 8 km from the city centre, so it can be reached by bus, minibus or trolleybus. One of them also runs at night.

Rail connection

Kyiv has three railway stations - Central, South and Suburban. All of them are close by and serve domestic and international trains. The railway in Ukraine has a very extensive network, so by train you can get to almost any city in the country. All trains have different comfort classes – night coach, compartment and seat. The largest cities in the country can be reached from the capital by express trains in the first or second class.

You can buy a train ticket on the website of Ukrzaliznytsia, which works in three languages, including English. You can also buy a ticket to any destination within the country at any box office. Tickets for international flights can be purchased only at international box offices. And suddenly you are late for the train and do not have a ticket, so as not to stand in line, you can go to the express box office, which sells tickets even for 15 minutes before the train leaves. If you have already bought a ticket, but plans for the trip have changed, it is possible to hand over the ticket and return part of its cost.

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