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Get acquainted with the best amusement parks in Kyiv, where unforgettable moments of fun and thrilling adventures await you. In our parks, you'll find a multitude of exciting attractions, from carousels and roller coasters to observation wheels and water activities. From X-park with its extreme rides to Roshen Winter Village, where you can enjoy winter entertainment, Kyiv has parks for every taste.

Osocor Residence offers plenty of entertainment for both children and adults, while the observation wheel at Podil provides unparalleled views of the city. Sky Family Park and Urban Park also create a unique atmosphere of fun and relaxation. Regardless of your age and interests, there's something interesting for everyone in our parks. You can spend an active day with your children, enjoying unforgettable moments together.

Plan your leisure time in Kyiv's amusement parks and discover that having fun is not only possible on vacation but also in your own city. Enjoy unforgettable emotions and create bright memories in Kyiv's amusement parks.

Are there attractions for children in Kyiv's amusement parks?

Yes, many amusement parks in Kyiv have special attractions designed for children. They include carousels, slides, mazes, and other entertainment areas specifically created for young visitors.

Do Kyiv's amusement parks have restaurants or cafes?

Many amusement parks in Kyiv have restaurants, cafes, or snack bars where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. You can have a snack or order a full meal during your visit to the parks.

Can I buy tickets to Kyiv's amusement parks on-site?

Yes, most amusement parks in Kyiv offer the option to buy tickets on-site. At the entrance booths or special ticketing points, you can purchase tickets for attractions and entertainment events in the parks. Additionally, some parks provide the option to buy tickets online on their official websites. We recommend checking the operating hours and visiting conditions of the amusement parks in advance, as well as verifying the available methods of ticket purchase.


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