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Welcome to the observation decks of Kyiv! Our capital offers many exciting places where you can enjoy incredible views of the city. Our platform provides information about various observation decks where you can admire panoramic vistas of Kyiv.

Among the must-visit locations are the youngest pedestrian-cycling bridge in Kyiv, constructed over Volodymyrska Hill, connecting Khreshchatyi Park and Volodymyrska Hill. Volodymyrska Hill, the observation deck 'Monument to the Founders of Kyiv,' Lysa Hora, known for its mystical reputation, the picturesque Landscape Alley, and the observation deck on Starytska Hora, located right in the heart of historic Kyiv, near the National Museum of the History of Ukraine. From this deck, you can see Zamkova Hora, Vozdvizhenka, Andriivskyi Descent, Podil, and Obolon. The pedestrian bridge is the only one in Kyiv that connects the embankment near the Magdeburg Right monument with Trukhaniv Island and the Funicular.

Each of these locations has its unique features and offers you the opportunity to enjoy captivating panoramic views of the capital. We invite you to discover the beauty of Kyiv from above. Immerse yourself in the scenic vistas of the city and experience its distinctive atmosphere.

Which observation decks in Kyiv are the most popular?

Among the most popular observation decks in Kyiv are the Pedestrian-Cycling Bridge, Volodymyrska Hill, the 'Monument to the Founders of Kyiv' observation deck, Lysa Hora, Landscape Alley, the observation deck on Starytska Hora, the Pedestrian Bridge, and the Funicular. These decks offer captivating views of the city from above and impress with their beauty.

Is it possible to see the city from above on these observation decks?

Yes, all the observation decks in Kyiv provide you with the opportunity to see the city from above. You can enjoy panoramic views of Kyiv, observe its architecture, historical landmarks, and beautiful landscapes.

Do these observation decks offer additional services or amenities?

Many observation decks in Kyiv offer additional services and amenities. Some of them have cafes or restaurants where you can enjoy dishes and beverages while taking in the breathtaking views. Additionally, some decks may offer extra attractions, such as a funicular or walking routes, allowing you to explore the city from a different perspective.


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