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Tourist Information Centers in Kyiv (TIC)

Tourist information centers

Learn more about Tourist Information Centers (TIC) in Kyiv, which are an invaluable source of information for city visitors. TICs are specialized places where you can obtain detailed information about tourist attractions, popular landmarks, cultural events, restaurants, hotels, and much more. They provide a wide selection of materials such as maps, brochures, and guides to assist you in planning your trip and making the most of your time in Kyiv.

Turn to TICs for valuable information, advice, recommendations, and assistance in organizing an unforgettable stay in the capital of Ukraine. Don't hesitate to inquire about tour schedules, cultural events, and other activities to make your journey even more exciting and enriching. Tourist Information Centers are always eager to help with any questions related to your trip to Kyiv.

What services do Tourist Information Centers in Kyiv provide?

Tourist Information Centers offer various services, such as providing information about tourist attractions, landmarks, cultural events, restaurants, hotels, and more. They also offer maps, brochures, guides, and assist in trip organization and itinerary planning.

Where are the Tourist Information Centers located in Kyiv?

There are several Tourist Information Centers located in convenient places in Kyiv. For example, you can find a city TIC at the museum on Tereshchenkivska Street and the central city TIC on Khreshchatyk.

Are there any paid services at the Tourist Information Centers?

Many services provided by Tourist Information Centers are free of charge. However, some specialized services, such as organizing tours or purchasing entrance tickets, may incur fees. It is recommended to inquire about this information directly at the center before using any paid services.


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