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This is one of the most beautiful and oldest covered markets not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. In the mid-19th century, its place was a wasteland, because this territory was located outside the boundaries of the historical city. Later, inns began to appear here, holiday markets and circus performances used to take place. One of the versions regarding the origin of the name of the market is related to the fact that many traders came here from the southern provinces, and in particular from Bessarabia.

The construction of the market took place in 1910–1912 with the money of the industrialist and philanthropist Lazar Brodsky, to the design of the architect Henryk Gay. The building was made in the late Art Nouveau style, its façade was decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures. To date, the Bessarabskyi Market has remained a popular market place in Kyiv, where you can buy local products, various gastronomic souvenirs, in particular Ukrainian salo (lard).

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Government body

Управління регуляторної політики та підприємництва

Бессарабська площа, 2, Київ, Україна, 01004

(044) 425-82-80

Squares and streets

Bessarabska Square

42 m. Bessarabska Square


Kedy iskusstvoveda

54 m. 2 Baseina St

(050) 105-42-39



66 m. 1/3-2 Velyka Vasylkivska/Baseina St

(044) 590-08-58


Муніципальна академічна чоловіча хорова капела ім. Л.Ревуцького

95 m. вулиця Басейна, 1/2, Київ, Україна, 01004

(044) 234-59-09

Shopping centers

Mandarin Plaza

126 m. 6 Basin St

(044) 230-96-11


The Bar

139 m. 5 Velyka Vasylkivska St

(044) 331-31-21


The Burger

140 m. 5 Velyka Vasylkivska St

(050) 384-27-17


The Cake

142 m. 5 Velyka Vasylkivska St

(097) 384-57-07

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