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About the place

At one of the most remote ends of the city, in Darnytskyi district’s Rembaza residential neighbourhood, there is a cemetery warehouse of military equipment. It is situated in the territory of Kyiv’s military repair plant, which started its operations during the World War II. The plant still operates, repairing and commissioning new Ukraine- and foreign-made tanks.

There is a lot of presentable military equipment in the territory, which will simply be repaired and put into operation again. And it does not stay there for long; it is taken away every day and new ones are brought.

There is also very old non-working equipment, which is living out its final days and will be in disassembled into details in the near term, stored in the territory. And it’s not about dozens but hundreds of tanks and military vehicles to every taste: armoured personnel carriers, missile launchers, long-range combat systems, engineering tanks, and the like. This equipment costs a lot of money and is therefore well guarded, so that one can only dream of walking among the tanks.


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