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The sculpture of the fountain is a symbolic composition showing the protector of the city, Archangel Michael. This figure is also on the coat of arms of the city. It is worth noting that the sculptures of Archangel Michael have protected the city since the Middle Ages.

This is a symbolic composition with which we pay tribute to the Kyiv defenders and guards of our city. Archangel Michael is an angel revered in the religious epics. Both in the Middle East and in Christianity,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko declared at the ceremony of unveiling of the monument. It was thanks to the brothers Vitali and Volodymyr Klitschkos, and to the patrons of arts, that the symbolic sculpture of the holy Arch-strategist Michael appeared on the Volodymyr Hill.

Michael, translated from Hebrew as “Who is like God?”, is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the Apocalypse, he appears as the Chief commander (Arch-strategist) of Chief Commander of the Heavenly Host in fight against evil forces, which he defeats in battle. In the Christian tradition, he is a healer angel, and later a protector, patron of soldiers and knights. He is often depicted as a warrior defeating a dragon or devil with a sword or with flag or scales. Archangel Michael is a fairly common symbol of heraldry. In Ukraine, it symbolises Kyiv Region, in a broad sense, entire Dnipro Ukraine.

Archangel Michael can be seen in a number of ancient coats of arms of 10 Ukrainian cities, and in the coat of arms of Kyiv Voivodeship (1471).

Archangel Michael is considered the heavenly patron of Kyiv. The cult of St. Michael came to our lands from Byzantium. Initially, he was the patron saint of Kyiv princes and the patron saint of soldiers, and since the 11th century, the Archangel has also been called the protector of Kyiv and the Kyiv land. In his honour, Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavych built St. Michael’s Cathedral in the Vydubytskyi Monastery. And Prince Sviatopolk founded the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. So, the place for the monument was not chosen by chance. Right here, in the territory of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, in the park area, near the favourite footpaths of Kyivites and guests of the capital.

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3D miniature of Archangel Michael fountain

81 m. St Vladimir (Volodymyrska) Hill Park


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Департамент внутрішнього фінансового контролю та аудиту

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3D miniature of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

159 m. St Vladimir (Volodymyrska) Hill Park

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Observation decks

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