Andriivskyi Uzviz

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About the place

This hill was first mentioned in documents of the mid-16th century. According to legend, its name dates back to the days of Kyivan Rus, when a military camp of the younger druzhyna of the Kyivan prince was placed opposite, from which the girls were banned.

Therefore, the beauties went to the opposite hill and waved their handkerchiefs as a sign of their longing for their loved ones, at the same time sighing sadly and hoping that they would see and be happy to have a ‘date’. According to another version, the name of the hill is connected with the fact that, having climbed to its top, people exhaled with relief. Uzdykhalnytsia Hill is considered one of the most romantic places in Kyiv.

There is a sightseeing platform on it, which offers a beautiful view of Podil, Andriivskyi Descent and the Castle Hill. The Castle of Richard the Lionheart rises nearby.

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Andriivskyi Descent

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The Castle of Richard the Lionheart

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Mary's dreams

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I.P. Kavaleridze museum-workshop

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Solomyanska Brewery

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