Lavrska Street on the Dnipro Embankment

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Prince Kyi of the Polans is one of the first and most famous heroes of our city. After all, it was him who, together with his brothers Shchek, Horyv and sister Lybid, founded Kyiv in the 9th century, and it is his name that the capital bears today. Stories about the prince’s deeds and the fortress founded on Old Kyiv Hill, have reached us through a number of medieval chronicles.

Although there are other, less popular, versions of who Kyi was and whether he founded Kyiv. This subject is still researched by a number of scientists, but for over a millennium, Ukrainians continue to honour the prince precisely as the founder of the capital. Today in Kyiv, there are two sculptures telling the chronicle story of the legendary family of the city’s founders.

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Я дуже рад що можно подивитись в Київ Цифровий и послухати про Киів

Next to Kyi, the founder of Kyiv


Ivan Honchar Museum

170 m. 19 Lavrska St

(044) 280-52-10

Temples, churches, monasteries

The Mykola Siadrystyi Microminiatures Museum

214 m. 9 Lavrska St, building 5

(044) 280-81-37


National Folk Decorative Art Museum

232 m. 9 Lavrska St., Building 2

(068) 778-02-70


Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine

234 m. 9 Lavrska street, building 9, 10,

(044) 280-79-76

Temples, churches, monasteries

Near Caves (Saint Anthony’s Caves)

255 m. 9 Lavrska St

(044) 406-63-75

Exhibition centers

Mystetskyi Arsenal

291 m. 10-12 Lavrska St

(044) 288-52-25


Lavra Art Gallery

401 m. 7В Lavrska St

Government body

Управління праці та соціального захисту населення Печерського району

454 m. вулиця Цитадельна, 4/7, Київ, Україна, 02000

(044) 254-35-37

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