22-20, Khreshchatyk street (Independence Square)

About the place

Liadski Tower (Liadski Gate) is the historical monument of the capital of Ukraine. This is the south-eastern gate of ancient Kyiv. The construction led to the prince’s part of the city and was located on the site of modern Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

Liadski Gate was first mentioned in written sources in 1151. The gate was part of the system of defensive structures built by Yaroslav the Wise in the 30s of the 11th century. The ancient name derives from the words ‘liada’, ‘liadina’, which meant a meadow cleared of the forest. The well-known route to Klov and the Pechersk Monastery passed through them. It is this place where, during the siege of the city at the end of 1240, Batu Khan’s troops broke through the defences and stormed into Kyiv.

Wooden Liadski Gate of the 11th century was repeatedly rebuilt, and from the 17th century, it got the name Pecherska Brama because the road to Pechersk ran from here, and the adjacent part of the Old City was called the town of Pechersk. In the 1860s, a new stone gate was built whose remains are museumised.

In 2001, the gate was reconstructed not far from the place where the remains of an ancient wooden house were discovered. The modern version of the historical monument is decorated with the figure of Archangel Michael. Next to the gate you can see fragments of the stone foundation of the Pecherska Brama.


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