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The Mariinsky Palace called the Tsar’s Palace until the 1950s was chosen by the Empress Elizabeth herself. The Baroque-style building was constructed in the mid-18th century by the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, modelled on the palace of Alexey Razumovsky. The Tsar (City) Garden, was planted around the Palace, and later, Mariinskyi Park was laid out.

Prior to the October Revolution, the estate was owned by the royal family. It was seriously damaged during the World War II and, following the reconstruction by Alioshin, became a place for ceremonial receptions. The modern name is dedicated to the wife of the Emperor Alexander II, Maria Alexandrovna, on whose initiative the park of the same name was laid out.


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Next to Mariinskyi Palace

Parks and recreation areas

Sightseeing Platform in the Constitution Square

7 m. Constitution Square, 5A Mykhailo Hrushevsky Street


Центральний парк культури і відпочинку

99 m. узвіз Володимирський, 2, Київ, Україна, 02000

(044) 278-54-98

Parks and recreation areas

City Garden

147 m. Mykhailo Hrushevsky St, Kyiv

Parks and recreation areas
Exhibition centers

Parkovyi Congress and Exhibition Centre

245 m. 16А Park Road

(044) 594-88-88

Medical centers

Outpatient Emergency Medical Advice Station

260 m. 7A Mykhailo Hrushevsky Street

(044) 253-13-52


Park Sculpture “Kyiv Chestnuts”

260 m. 7A Mykhailo Hrushevskogo Street


Kyiv Hotel

273 m. 26/1 Grushevskoho str

(044) 253-30-90

Parks and recreation areas

Mariinskyi Park

310 m. Mykhailo Hrushevskoho St


Дитячо-юнацька спортивна школа "Регата"

317 m. Труханів острів, вулиця Паркова, 16, Київ, Україна, 04070

(044) 278-03-68

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