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The Hetman Museum is a museum of historical profile which collects, preserves and presents the evidence of one of the most important pages of Ukrainian history: the creation and functioning of the Cossack State, the Hetmanate. The Museum of Hetmanate is located in an ancient stone building from the 18th century, which local legend calls "the Mazepa's House".

The museum is located in the foremost district of Kyiv - Podil, near "Kontraktova ploshcha" underground station. The museum exposition and exhibition halls are located on three floors of the building. The first floor is fully accessible, but the upper two floors require using stairs. On the first floor they can explore the architecture of the building and the main exhibition, which reveals the activities of the Ukrainian hetmans. The museum offers Ukrainian and English language guided tours at a cost of 100 UAH for individuals and 150 UAH for groups. Admittance fee to the museum is 30 UAH, and the entrance fee (students, pupils, pensioners) is 15 UAH.

Top 5 exhibits:

  1. Portraits of the hetmans B. Khmelnytsky, P. Doroshenko, I. Samoylovych, I. Skoropadsky, P. Polubotok, D. Apostol and two female portraits – of Anastasia Skoropadska and Natalia Rozumykha from the family collection of the last hetman of Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadsky.
  2. Engravings I. Mazepa, B. Khmelnytsky, S. Petliura by the artist with Cossack roots Vasyl Masiutyn.
  3. Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky personal seal.
  4. The leather belt from the military uniform of the coronel-general Oleksandr Udovychenko, the commander of the 3rd "Iron" Infantry Division.
  5. The bulava (mace) top 13th century.

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