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This is a cultural institution located in the premises of St. Nicholas Catholic Cathedral converted into a concert hall. The development of the project and the construction of the cathedral, which lasted from 1899 to 1909, were carried out under the supervision of the famous Kyiv architect Władysław Horodecki. St. Nicholas Catholic Cathedral is one of the most interesting architectural structures of the early 20th century, which was stylised as Gothic architecture with high pointed spires. In September 2021, a fire broke out in St. Nicholas.

Currently, the building of the cathedral is shared between the National Organ and Chamber Music Hall of Ukraine as a venue for concerts and the parish of St. Nicholas of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, which holds religious services in it for the religious community. The creative team of the Organ and Chamber Music Hall consists of ensembles, organists, soloists-instrumentalists and singers.

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