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The exposition of the Memorial Museum, which is a research and educational centre of Ukraine’s military history, performs primarily an educational function. It demonstrates the origins of war tragedies, ways for averting them, and tells the historical truth about the feat of the Ukrainian people in the fight against Nazism. Since its foundation in 1974, the Museum has operated in the building of the Klov Palace, and a modern complex was opened on the 36th anniversary of the victory in 1981.

Today, the museum fund is about 400,000 exhibits. The Museum’s permanent exhibition is housed in 16 halls on 3 floors of the building which form a pedestal for the Motherland Monument. Apart from the Museum and the Monument, the 11-hectare memorial complex includes:

  • main square with the Alley of Heroic Cities and thematic sculptural compositions;  
  • Fire of Glory cup; 
  • an exhibition of military equipment and weapons and several other objects.

Information about the accessibility of museums is provided by the Inclusive travels in Ukraine project (


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Next to National Museum of History of Ukraine in the World War II


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