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Today, the Exocentre of Ukraine (VDNG) offers cooperation for partner-organizers for new interesting, innovative and vibrant projects.

VDNG is not just a park, it is a new cultural and innovation center, which, with the change of leadership and large-scale rebranding, is in the process of radical restructuring of the development strategy and supporting the image of a reliable partner.

There are permanent recreation and entertainment zones, hubs, shows On the territory of VDNG. Fairs, festivals and many other interesting activities are also held on the territory, encouraging different segments of the market and provide high attendance.

Among the implemented projects: AtlasWeekend, Zimova Kraina, Zima on VDNH, Craft Beer Festival, Food and Wine Festival, KyivKustomKulture 2016 The first NERF Day in Ukraine, International Agro-Industrial Exhibition Agro, Retro Cruise, Innotech 2017 Innovation Technology Forum, TattooCollection Tattoo Festival, BadMama Festivals and much more.

VDNG can accept simultaneously more than 50 000 people, at once 3-4 large-scale festivals, several conferences and exhibitions, while events do not interfere, and even complement each other.

  • Indoor area - 18 000 m²
  • Outdoor area - 21 000 m²
  • Distance to city center - 8.5 km

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Next to Expocenter of Ukraine VDNG

Prokat velosipediv at VDNG

1, Akademika Glushkova Avenue

(050) 388-27-26

Prokat velosipediv

Velocracy at VDNG

1, Akademika Hlushkova Avenue

(050) 527-47-06

Rope parks

SkyPark at VDNH

5 m. 1 Academician Glushkov Ave

(044) 361-60-80


Restaurant "Prague"

14 m. 1 Academician Glushkov Ave

(044) 526-99-90


Animal Park

117 m. 1 Academician Glushkov Ave

(098) 040-05-55


Бібліотека ім. М. М. Коцюбинського для дітей

209 m. Голосіївський проспект, 97А, Київ, Україна, 03127

(044) 259-84-89


Заклад дошкільної освіти №439

350 m. Голосіївський проспект, 124А, Київ, Україна, 03127

(044) 257-87-04

Government body

Відділ контролю за благоустроєм Голосіївської РДА

357 m. вулиця Васильківська, 53, корп.1, Київ, Україна, 03039

(044) 259-85-97

Children's centers

Interactive space "Science Museum"

380 m. 1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave

Parks and recreation areas

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy

381 m. 1 Academician Glushkov Ave

(067) 824-16-31

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