Constitution Square, 5A Mykhailo Hrushevsky Street

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The sightseeing platform is located on the upper terrace of the Dnieper hills on the northeastern edge of the park. What a wonderful view opens up here! On the left, the skyscrapers of the Desnianskyi District and Troieshchyna rise, and on the right, the Kharkivskyi residential neighbourhood and Osokorky can be seen, and at your feet the mighty Dnieper flows!

However, there are also quite dangerous polluters: the Darnytskyi CHPP, the factories of the Darnytsia and Troieshchyna industrial hubs. One can see harmful air emissions from pipes and the consequences of untreated sewage entering the Dnieper.

The goal of ecologically safe development of the city is the development and construction of modern water treatment facilities, integrated waste processing, recycling. Such measures are provided for in the strategic documents for the development of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv, whose implementation has been suspended as a result of military aggression by the Russian Federation. The restoration of programmes for the sustainable development of ecosystems will allow us to say with confidence, “We are eco-conscious. We are a society of eco-conscious people.”

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