23 Luteranska Street

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The gloomy façade of the grey building with bas-reliefs and stucco at 23 Liuteranska Street is decorated with a sad female face carved out of stone. During the rain, streams of water run down it, and then it seems as if a woman is crying bitter tears.

Their traces do not disappear even in sunny weather. This is how the estate got its well-known poetic name, the House of the Weeping Widow. It was built in 1907 by order of Poltava merchant of the 2nd guild Serhii Arshavskyi. Sometimes the name of the mansion is explained not only by the rain, but also by the fact that after the death of the last owner, the well-known Kyiv businessman Tevye Apstein, his unhappy widow had lived here five years.

In 1918, the building was nationalised. Since then, it has housed various official and public organisations. Now, the House of the Weeping Widow is used as a temporary residence for VIP guests of the President of Ukraine.


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