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It was installed on the Kyiv Day in 1996. The composition consists of three marble sculptures on a granite pedestal, with Princess Olha in the centre, Apostle Andrew the First-Called on the left, and the enlighteners Cyril and Methodius on the right. After Prince Ihor’s death in 944, his wife Olha became regent for her young son Sviatoslav and the de facto ruler of Kyivan Rus.

Princess Olha’s revenge on the Drevlians for the execution of her husband was brutal. The Drevlians sent ambassadors to Kyiv who offered the princess to marry their prince Mal. But the Grand Princess resorted to tricks and, by her order, the first ambassadors-matchmakers were buried alive, and the second ones were burned in a bath. Her third act of revenge was a military expedition to the land of the Drevlians, in which 5,000 people were cut to pieces. Then there was a year-long siege of the city of Iskorosten, which ended with its burning.

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