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The monument to the soldiers of the Red Army, who died in the battle with the Fascists in 1943, was unveiled in 1985 on Symyrenka Street in South Borshchahivka. Particularly brutal battles for the liberation of Kyiv were fought in that area. Later, the mass grave of 74 soldiers was found there, and it was decided to commemorate them with a monument.

The marble slab and the obelisk bearing the inscription “Red Army soldiers who died hero deaths in defence of the Motherland are buried here. 1943” were installed above the grave. The bronze sculpture of the Red Army soldier leaning on a Jeep Willys was installed in front of the grave. The monument was designed by architect Mykola Kyslyi and created by sculptor Volodymyr Chepelyk. Contemporaries also jokingly call it the Lend-Lease Monument, because it were those vehicles that America gave to the USSR as part of the military aid policy.


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