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Volodymyrska Hirka (St. Volodymyr Hill) Park is one of places of power in Kyiv. A monument to Prince Volodymyr, a legendary historical figure, has been erected here. To prevent it from possible destruction by rockets, the Kyivites decided to protect the important object.

The Monument to Prince Volodymyr is the oldest sculptural monument in Kyiv. It was built in 1853 and is one of the symbols of the city. The monument is located on the lower terrace of the Volodymyr Hill. It is an architectural landmark of the Right Bank Kyiv’s Hills, a place for Kyivites to stroll, a park zone, and a recreation area. These hills are associated with the legend of the first Christian missioner in the pagan lands of our ancestors, Saint Andrew the First-Called. He pointed to these hills with his finger saying: “See ye these hills? So shall the favour of God shine upon them that on this spot a great city shall arise, and God shall erect many churches therein.” He drew near the hills, and having blessed them, he prayed to God.

The monument was erected for the celebration of the 900th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus in 1853. Its authors were architect Aleksandr Ton, sculptor Vasily Demut-Malinovsky (bas-reliefs) and Peter Clodt (statue). Since both Vasily Demut and Aleksandr Ton were Freemasons, you can see Masonic symbols on the foundation of the monument.

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