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Feofaniia is a park-monument of garden art created in 1972 in Holosiivskyi district in the territory of the historical area of the same-name.

Today, more than 80 species of trees, bushes and vines grow there, including trees ageing over 300 years.

In 2002, the St. Panteleimon’s Nunnery was founded in Feofaniia. Besides, there are about ten small springs there, of which some are considered healing, and the St. Panteleimon and Holy Virgin Mary’s springs have been announced natural monuments.

There are several ponds in the Park, surrounded by recreation areas, summerhouses, children’s playgrounds, and bicycle rentals; food courts are occasionally open.


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Temples, churches, monasteries

St. Panteleimon’s Nunnery

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(044) 522-50-73


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