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Muromets Park is a large recreation area with an area about 220 ha in the north of Kyiv, located in the Chortoryi tract on the Muromets and Trukhaniv islands. The park was laid out in 1972 and was originally called Friendship of Peoples Park. It received its modern name in 2018 in honour of the island. At the same time, a monument to the legendary hero Ilya Muromets was erected.

According to the original project, the park consists of 4 zones: beach, children’s area, sports grounds and a memorial. The latter is a garden where 15 species are planted in sectors, which were supposed to symbolise friendly peoples. The sports zone is currently occupied by X-PARK offering activities in more than 200 sports, including wakeboarding and surfing. One can rent a bicycle to explore the park. There are hotels, SPA, restaurants and entertainment facilities within the territory.


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