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This is one of the oldest Kyiv’s squares that is located in Podil. In 1846, a postal station appeared here, although the square had got its name before that. The area acquired its modern appearance in the 1970s during the reconstruction associated with the opening of a metro station of the same name here. In addition to the historic post office, the square houses the reconstructed Church of the Nativity, the lower station of the funicular, and the river station. A few years ago, during excavations on Poshtova (Postal) Square, archaeologists found an entire street from the times of Kyivan Rus and numerous artefacts of the 11th–13th centuries. In the future, it is planned to build an underground museum complex on their basis. In 2015, a fountain was opened in the centre of the square, and 2 years later, the sculpture Kids Launching Boats was installed near it.

The Postal Square was chosen by skaters and longboarders. In the warm season, there are always many people here, street musicians play, dance evenings and other events take place.

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Next to Poshtova (Postal) Square

Palaces, estates, buildings

River Station

58 m. 3 Poshtova sq


Riviera House Kyiv

134 m. 15 Sahaidachnoho str

(044) 393-33-33


Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv

149 m. 1 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska str

(044) 322-88-88


Punkraft Bar

195 m. 14 Ihorivska St

(050) 424-00-24

Observation decks


244 m. Volodymyr Hill

Parks and recreation areas

Docker-G Pub

292 m. 13/5 Ihorivska St

(095) 280-83-40


Monument to Prince Volodymyr

334 m. 6 Vladimir Descent


3D miniature of Archangel Michael fountain

335 m. St Vladimir (Volodymyrska) Hill Park

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