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For forty years, Stolychnyi had been an iconic element of restaurant life in Kyiv, one of the most ambitious and expensive of the few Kyiv restaurants. Functionally, however, it was a complex of establishments: Stolychnyi restaurant, Khreshchatyk concert café, Kryzhynka café, and a cooking shop.

Stolychnyi restaurant had 590 seats. Ukrainian and Kyiv traditional cuisine was on the menu. There, they served borscht, fish broth, soup, beefsteaks, hotplate, zrazy, Stolychnyi salad and, of course, the signature variations of Chicken Kyiv. In the evenings, entertainment programmes were held in the restaurant, and there was a cigarette club. The establishment was visited by a very solid, elite public.

Parents with children, couples in love, students visited the Kryzhynka café, which was located on the ground floor. Its product range included the most delicious Kyiv ice cream, milkshakes, milk-chocolate jelly, prunes with whipped cream, all sorts of cakes and other desserts. Aromatic buns with dried apricots were especially popular.

The culinary department in the glass annex was a completely democratic institution and was therefore loved by the wider public. Pies, buns, cakes, as well as cutlets, salads, side dishes, all kinds of fish and meat dishes were offered there. You could drink juices, sweet and mineral water, milk, tea or coffee (they say it was the best in Kyiv at the time).

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Телекомпанія "Київ"

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Департамент освіти і науки Київської обласної державної адміністрації

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Департамент сім’ї, молоді та спорту КДМА

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