1-13, Volodymyrska street

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One of the oldest in the capital, it begins from the top of the Old Kyiv Hill. The section of the Street from the Church of the Tithes to Sofiiski Gate appeared in the late 10th century. After the final demolition of the remains of the ancient defensive ramparts and the Old Kyiv Fortress in the 19th century, separate parts of Andriivska, Sofiiska and Zolota Streets were united and levelled. The new street was named Volodymyrska, in honour of the Baptist of Kyivan Rus St. Volodymyr. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive tourist areas of Kyiv, because unique memorials of different historical times have been preserved there: St. Sophia Cathedral, remains of the Golden Gate, buildings of Kyiv University, Pedagogical Museum, Opera Theatre, Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and dozens of other publicly important buildings.

The archaeological complex on the Old Kyiv Hill has no analogues in Europe.

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Школа І-ІІІ ступенів №25

36 m. вулиця Володимирська, 1, Київ, Україна, 02000

(044) 278-78-24

Tourist spots

Painters Lane

85 m. 12 Desyatynna Street

Exhibition centers

Vsi. Svoyi, Desyatynna

86 m. 12 Desyatynna St


Gogol’s Nose Monument

88 m. 13 Desyatynna street

Temples, churches, monasteries

St. Andrew’s Church

122 m. 23 Andrew's Descent

(044) 278-12-21

Parks and recreation areas

National Museum of the History of Ukraine

147 m. 2 Volodymyrska st

(044) 278-48-64

Old Kyiv Hill

150 m. 2-4 Volodymyrska Street


British Embassy

153 m. 9, Desyatynna Street

(044) 490-36-60

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