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The Golden Gate is a monument of defensive and sacred architecture of Kyivan Rus and is considered one of the oldest buildings in Eastern Europe. It was erected in the first half of the 11th century and named after the Golden Gate in Constantinople, it served as the main entrance to Kyiv and was the only stone gate in the city’s fortification system. It was a battle tower with a passage crowned by the Annunciation Gateway Church.

Even after the collapse of Rus, the gate survived and continued to function as a defensive structure and a customs station, but later, it began to crumble; in the 1930s of the 19th century their remains were dug up from under the ground, where they had been for 80 years for “better preservation”. At the time, what remained were 2 parallel walls, and the Golden Gate acquired its modern appearance in 1982.


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Communal services

Департамент будівництва та житлового забезпечення

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