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Welcome to the exciting world of Kyiv's children's centers! Here you will find a variety of places where your child can not only have a fun time but also gain new knowledge and skills through engaging play processes. Children's centers in Kyiv offer a wide range of entertainment and educational programs that help your child develop, communicate, and discover the world around them.

The interactive space "Science Museum" offers captivating experiments where children can learn science through play. The Children's Railway provides an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of railway transport and feel like a real train conductor. At "Experimentanium," children can explore and learn through interaction with various scientific exhibits.

Don't forget to visit the Dinosaur Park, where your child can see life-sized dinosaurs. Kyiv Planetarium invites you on exciting journeys through space and stars. Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth hosts theatrical performances, workshops, and interesting events for young art enthusiasts.

Kidlandia is a place where your child can unleash their creativity and imagination through play areas and developmental programs. And KidsWill offers unforgettable adventures on a large interactive playground, where children can move, play, and interact with their peers.

We invite you to explore all these wonderful children's centers in Kyiv and provide your child with unforgettable experiences. Each center is created with the aim of nurturing children's creativity, imagination, social skills, and learning through play processes. They ensure the safety and comfort of all young visitors and provide appropriate infrastructure for the development and entertainment of your child.

What types of entertainment are available at the children's centers in Kyiv?

Children's centers in Kyiv offer various types of entertainment, including interactive exhibitions, play zones, theatrical performances, creative workshops, and much more. They are designed to foster creativity, social skills, and learning in children through play processes.

What age groups are suitable for visiting the children's centers in Kyiv?

Children's centers in Kyiv offer entertainment and learning for children of different ages. There are special programs and activities for infants, preschoolers, schoolchildren, and teenagers. You will be able to find a suitable center for your child regardless of their age.

Is advance booking required for visiting the children's centers in Kyiv?

Booking requirements may vary depending on the specific children's center. Some centers might have limited capacity or require prior registration for certain events or programs. It is recommended to check the conditions and requirements of each center in advance and make reservations if necessary.


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