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Kyiv Police ensures order in the capital of Ukraine. They are responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing crimes, and investigating offenses. Police officers patrol the streets, respond to citizens' calls, and provide assistance in emergencies. One of the important focuses of the police's work is ensuring road safety. They enforce traffic rules, conduct road patrols, and respond to accidents. Police officers also conduct educational campaigns among citizens to promote safe behavior on the roads and the importance of safety measures.

Kyiv Police provides various consultation services to citizens. You can contact them for information about rights and responsibilities related to safety and law enforcement. Additionally, you can report violations to the police or seek assistance in case of emergencies.

How to report a crime in Kyiv?

To report a crime in Kyiv, you can call the police hotline or visit the nearest police department in person. You can also use the police mobile app to file a complaint.

How to get consultation from Kyiv Police?

To get consultation from Kyiv Police, you can call the police hotline or visit the nearest police department in person. Police officers will provide you with information and advice on safety, law enforcement, and other matters.

Does Kyiv Police provide safety instructions?

Yes, Kyiv Police provides safety instructions and recommendations to citizens. They conduct awareness campaigns, organize lectures, and training sessions on safety in the streets, schools, and other public places. You can find information about these events on the official police website or by visiting the nearest police department.


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