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Public Toilets in Kyiv


Toilets in Kyiv are an essential part of the city's infrastructure, providing citizens with comfortable facilities for their sanitary needs. They are located in various parts of the city, making them accessible to residents and visitors alike.

These toilets offer modern amenities for convenient use, equipped with sanitary fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and hand dryers. Regular maintenance is carried out in the restrooms to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

The restrooms are strategically placed close to public squares, parks, shopping centers, and other popular recreational areas. They are easily accessible and marked with appropriate signs for easy identification.

Are the toilets in Kyiv paid?

Most toilets in Kyiv offer free access to visitors. However, some commercial establishments or shopping centers may charge a fee for using their restroom facilities.

What additional amenities are available in the toilets?

Many toilets in Kyiv offer additional conveniences, such as accessibility features for people with disabilities, baby changing tables, complimentary hygiene products, and other services to enhance user comfort.

How to find the nearest toilet in Kyiv?

You can use mobile applications or online maps that show the locations of toilets in Kyiv. Additionally, many toilets are located near popular tourist attractions and public buildings.


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