Kyiv is one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe. It boasts cultural and historical monuments of global significance. Joint us to get access to all the attractions of the Ukrainian capital.


Tourist Route “Kyiv’s historical spirit”

On this route, you will immerse yourself in the secrets of Kyiv’s past, walk legendary streets and squares, and visit important historical sites.

Tourist route “Capital’s Heart”

This route will allow you to see the centre of the capital up close and enjoy its main historical and modern tourist attractions.

Tourist route “Modernity and History”

This route offers a combination of modern city centre with historic Podil. It allows to see one of the largest Orthodox shrines in Ukraine, and spend more time in the parks.

Cycling route

When riding a bike, we get closer to the city, we feel it better. For example, by going this route you can see one of the oldest squares and a new architectural landmark of the capital.

Tourist route “Iconic Spots”

It’s a route through the capital, where you will meet two completely different, but equally interesting attractions.

Tourist route “Notable Memorials”

Syretskyi Arboretum, Babyn Yar, St. Cyril’s Church — this route will undoubtedly be full of deep emotions.

Inclusive tourist route

3D miniatures of St. Sophia Cathedral, Archangel Michael fountain, and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge will make it possible for people with visual impairments to learn about these sites and ‘see them with their hands.

Tourist route “Unbreakable Kyiv”

This route passes the monuments of Kyiv, which tell about one of the most tragic events in the history of the city and in the history of Ukraine during the Second World War.

Tourist route “Symbols of independent Ukraine”

From St. Michael’s Square to Independence Square, one can find many symbols of victorious Ukrainian freedom hidden from the ancient times of Kyivan Rus to the present day of sovereign Ukraine. A well-known route to Kyivites and guests of the capital goes from the park of St. Michael’s Cathedral, through the Volodymyr Hill and the Klitschko Bridge, to the very heart of Kyiv. However, in reality, it contains many significant symbols of national independence, about which we know little.

Tourist route “Mystical Kyiv”

The millennia-old history of Kyiv is shrouded in legends of mystical places, mysterious buildings, and the disturbing antics of ‘supernatural entities.’ This route is for true daredevils and desperate seekers of answers to still unsolved mysteries.

Tourist route “Kyiv’s landscapes”

Kyiv is a city on hills drowning in emerald green, in a combination of ancient architecture and dizzying skyscrapers. You don’t need to fly or have a quadcopter to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. It is enough to climb one of the high points, and Kyiv is in full view.

Tourist route “Eventful Kyiv”

This route will take you to the places where famous cultural, artistic and sports events took place, and to the Kyivites’ favourite leisure spots in the past and in the present.

Tourist route “Business Kyiv”

Modern, bright, bustling Kyiv attracts business-minded, proactive, goal-oriented people. Banks and hotels, markets and shopping streets, exhibition and congress centres with their unique histories and architecture are must-sees in the capital.

Tourist Route “Environmental Kyiv”

This route will take you to the places and sites that show careful attitude to environment and individual ecosystems; you will get a feeling of the atmosphere of unity with nature that inspires, and learn about the environmental problems of a big city that need to be addressed.

The meeting place is Mariinskyi Park.

Tourist Route “Romantic Kyiv”

In this route, you will learn about outstanding political figures and famous figures of Ukrainian culture, their significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian society, and get acquainted with their lyrical love stories.

Tourist Route “Gastronomic Kyiv”

Today, Kyiv is a multicultural city where you can taste popular dishes and drinks from many countries around the world. We suggest that you visit Khreshchatyk Street to where in the mid-19th century the public, business, cultural, and therefore gastronomic life of Kyiv moved from Podil, and try, and sometimes just learn about, the past and present of the unique Kyiv gastronomy.

Inclusive tourism

Інклюзивний маршрут

Київські цікавинки стають доступними для всіх — презентуємо спеціальні маршрути з пандусами для людей з обмеженими можливостями.

Інклюзивні музеї

Київ постійно працює над збільшенням ступеня участі всіх громадян у соціумі — тепер його розваги стали більш доступними.

Інклюзивні Готелі

Київ постійно працює над збільшенням ступеня участі всіх громадян у соціумі — тепер його розваги стали більш доступними.

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